Join the global game of #BeatPlasticPollution tag!

Help us launch a global movement this World Environment Day

Do you remember playing tag as a kid? So do we.

This universal concept will be given an innovative twist for this year’s World Environment Day: We’re launching a global game of #BeatPlasticPollution Tag to showcase positive behaviour change around how we consume plastic.

Here’s how to join the game. It takes just 30 seconds.

  1. Choose which type of single-use plastic you’re ready to give up
  2. Take a selfie (photo or video) showing yourself with the reusable alternative that you’re ready to embrace
  3. Share your selfie on social media and “tag” three friends, businesses or high-profile people to challenge them to do the same within 24 hours. Be sure to use the #BeatPlasticPollution hashtag and mention @UNEnvironment
  4. That’s it! Thanks for helping to launch the global movement to #BeatPlasticPollution